Miguel Guzman
I am a Chicago-based artist who works in a combination of digital printing, collage and paint. As well as my own photographs, I use appropriated photos, which I gather from the internet and printed media. Nationalism, economic and military rivalry, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and environmental disaster are some of the subjects that find their way into my work. These works are an expression of both a sense of wonder and disenchantment with the state of the world.

I use industrial inkjet printers in order to print photographic images on unconventional surfaces such as aluminum, plexiglass, hand-made surfaces, cardboard, found papers and objects and I also incorporate paint as successive layers of transparent acrylic washes both before and after the printing. While I take advantage of the flexibility that digital technologies give me in terms of what I make and how I can make it, I also feel a need for a strong human element, to work with my hands, for direct physical involvement with the work. This way of working keeps things engaging for me because merging the hand-made with the mechanical creates the challenge of balancing control with unpredictability.